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Celebrate your child’s special day with an unforgettable party at the Science Museum of Long Island! Pick a hands-on fun topic that will be led by one of our talented staff, then sit back and relax. All you need to bring is the cake!

When you have found the Program you are interested in you may register:

1) Over the phone using a Visa,Master or Discover Card

2) Online by submitting a Program Request Form and our Registrar will contact you shortly for Space and Payment info.


Choose from topics that include:
Nursery and Kindergarten:
Program: Description:
Creepy Crawlies What has 8 legs, 2 body parts, and throws hairs at its enemies? Rosie, the tarantula! Meet Rosie and her friends at this exciting program. Explore the difference between spiders and insects. Make a craft to take home.
Animal Encounters What's faster: a tortoise or a turtle? Who's softer: a rabbit or a ferret? Discover the answers and more in this live animal filled party.
Science Magic Discover the science behind some cool magic tricks. Find out how to make water disappear. Be amazed as you make things change color. Learn how to walk away from your shadow and leave it behind.
Discovering Dinos Do you love dinosaurs and know all about them? Take our dino challenge and test your dino IQ. See dinosaur fossils and make your own fossil to take home.
1st & 2nd Grade:
Program: Description:
Kitchen Chemistry
Kitchens and chemistry labs have much in common. Be amazed as you see ordinary kitchen items change color right before your eyes. Learn about acids and bases and create a bubbling reaction.
Animal Adaptations
Meet our animals and learn why they are vertebrates. Discover the difference between a scaly reptile and a slimy amphibian. Find out why furry friends are mammals.
Slime, Goo and Ooze Want to learn how to make your own slime? Find out what flubber is and how you can make this oozing goop. Everyone brings home the slime they make
Science of Toys Discover the science behind some of your favorite toys. Learn why things spin, fly, or pop as you play with poppers, tops, and planes. See how you can create a work of art using science and a common toy.
3rd Grade & Up:
Program: Description:
Tie-Dye What's blue, red, and fits over your head? A tie-dye shirt! Learn about plants, flowers, and fruits that can be used as natural dyes. Transform a t-shirt into a work of art. (Parents need to provide one pre-washed white t-shirt for each child.)
Scientist's Laboratory Become a mad scientist as you investigate weird concoctions that ooze and swirl. See how to control the forces of nature with strange and amazing experiments while working in our lab. Create your own rubbery blob.
Take your guests back 65 million years into a time when dinosaurs ruled Earth. Visit our paleo lab and discover mysteries of the past. (Be ready to get dirty, as you and your guests will unearth prehistoric bones!)
Volcanoes Be prepared to get dirty as you learn about lava, magma, and how volcanoes work.Build your own volcano and have fun erupting it!
Parties include:
45 minutes of hands-on fun science led by a teacher
45 minutes of eating and celebrating with a party assistant to help you serve your guests
Party invitations
Science Museum water bottle party favor for each guest
Free birthday gift
We now conveniently offer 2 party options:
Option 1:
You can bring in the food, beverages, paper goods and decorations that you would like for your childs party. This party costs $325.00 for 15 children; each additional child is $15.00 with a maximum of 25 children.
Option 2:
We provide pizza, juice and/or soda, and all the paper goods (tableclothes, plates, napkins, and plasticware). You provide the birthday cake and any additional decorations. This party costs $375.00 for 15 children; each additional child is $15.00 with a maximum of 25 children.
*Pizza can be purchased for adults at an additional charge.

Available Times:
Monday-Thursday: 4-5:30pm
Saturday: 10-11:30am, 12:30-2pm, 3-4:30pm
Sunday 12:30-2pm, 3-4:30pm

Parties are for children age 4 and over.