The Science Museum offers programs seven days a week. Museum staff will be in the building in accordance with scheduled programming.  Teachers may be unavailable on certain days due to scheduled outreach programs.


1526 N. Plandome Road
PO Box 908
Plandome, NY 11030 

Executive Director:
Dr. John Tanacredi
(516) 627-9400 extension 13

Rosemarie Amadeo
(516) 627-9400 extension 10

Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM (Closed for Lunch 12-1)

Program Coordinator:
Jennifer Henriquez
(516) 627-9400 extension 14

Executive Secretary/Administrative Assistant:
Cara O'Donnel
(516) 627-9400 extension 11

Jennifer Henriquez-Jennifer.SMLI@optonline.net
Owen Correnti-Owen.SMLI@optonline.net
Caitlin Orellana-Caitlin.SMLI@optonline.net
Daniel Steiger-Daniel.SMLI@optonline.net
Stephanie Grieb-Stephanie.SMLI@optonline.net
(516) 627-9400 extension 14


Owen Correnti, Animal Care Specialist

Nicholas Graziose, Facility Manager

Roberto Amadeo, Facility Manager Assistant/IT TECH

Board of Trustees:
Carlo Manganillo, President
Eugene Petracca, Jr., Vice President
Linda Green, Secretary
Marilyn Stefans, Treasurer

Frank Capone
Marilyn Chapoteau
Kenneth Kamler
Sean Martens
Harold T. Michels
Corinne Michels
Tom O'Malley
Margie Suga



Do you have questions/ concerns regarding the website?

Please contact our IT TECH at 516-627-9400 or send an email to Roberto.SMLI@optonline.net