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Outreach Pricing
Outreaches are priced
differently than programs
taught at the museum.
The prices below are in
lieu of varying prices listed
next to program titles.

1 Session — $200
2 Sessions– $350
3 Sessions– $450
4 Sessions– $575
5 Sessions– $650

Please note:
1 Session only available

* Denotes programs available for OUTREACH.

** Denotes programs
available for OUTREACH
except from
Nov. 15 to Apr. 1.

There is a mileage fee of $50 to certain areas.
Programs are 50-60 minutes unless otherwise noted.
Animal Adaptations Grades: N-6 Fee: $150**
  Explore the wonderful world of animals by meeting some of the Museum’s cuddly critters. Discover animal adaptations and what makes vertebrates special.  Students are encouraged to touch as they learn about mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.
Butterflies Grades: N-4 Fee: $185*
  Come and study an amazing insect: butterflies. Discover how butterflies find their food with the help of their unusual senses. Learn about their life cycle and anatomy. Leave with your own caterpillar to watch as it grows and changes into a beautiful adult.  Available April - June.
Endangered Species Grades: 3-6 Fee: $150**
  Learn the differences among the terms endangered, threatened and extinct. Look at the causes of extinction by examining the products of wildlife trade and the effects of habitat destruction. Discover ways humans can help save endangered species.
Frog Dissection Grades: 4-6 Fee: $195
  Take a close-up look inside a typical vertebrate animal. Using forceps, scissors & probes, learn traditional techniques to dissect a preserved amphibian. Compare its internal anatomy to that of Homo sapiens.  Students will work in pairs.
Insects and Spiders Grades: N-1 Fee: $150*
  Discover the differences between insects and spiders. Learn about their life habits and unusual anatomy while examining live and preserved specimens.  Scrutinize our tarantula and see if you can hear the “hiss” of a Madagascar cockroach.
Little Green Thumbs Grades: N-3 Fee: $150*
  What’s the difference between a fruit and a vegetable? Discover the different parts of a plant. Learn how each part helps the plant grow. Dissect a seed and examine the baby plant inside. Each student will plant seeds to take home.
Mammal Mania Grades: 3-6 Fee: $150**
  Using live animals, bones, and skins, take a close look at the wide range of species that make up the Class Mammalia. Discover their characteristics and how different members have adapted to life on land, in the air, and at sea.
Microscope Study Grades: 3-6 Fee: $150
  Learn basic features and functions of a compound light-powered microscope. Prepare wet-mount slides and stain specimens of cells and microorganisms. 
Owl Pellet Dissection Grades: 2-5 Fee: $185*
  Examine the unusual eating habits of the owl. Pellet dissection, anatomical reconstruction, and pellet cycle will be examined. See how owls eat their food whole and later regurgitate it.  Students will work in pairs. 
Plant Biology and Physiology Grades: 3-6 Fee: $150
  Introduce students to the classification, anatomy, and physiology of various members of the plant and fungi kingdoms. Mushrooms, mosses, ferns, and seed plants will be discussed. In conclusion, a complete flower is dissected.
Reptiles and Amphibians Grades: 3-6 Fee: $150**
  Study the field of herpetology and learn the differences between reptiles and amphibians. Discover the unique adaptations of turtles, snakes, lizards, frogs, and toads while you meet the Museum’s reptiles and amphibians.
Squid Dissection Grades: 3-6 Fee: $150*
  Discover the unique internal anatomy of this common but mysterious sea creature. Examine the structure and use of its beak, pen and ink.  Students will work in pairs.
Tropical Rain Forest Grades: 2-4 Fee: $150
  Look at the main characteristics of tropical rain forests and where they are located. Discover the biodiversity of the rain forest and why this biome is more diverse than others. Learn the special adaptation of its inhabitants, and how the indigenous people utilize the resources found there.

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