Advanced Summer Science

2017 Camp Brochure

Grades 4th -7th

Session 1, July 3-7: Fun With Chemistry? - Register Now

Kick off your summer camp experience with an amazing week of chemical experiments.  Experiment with gooey substances, learn the chemistry of fireworks, and see what happens when magnesium burns. Don’t miss our liquid nitrogen demonstrations where we cap of the week with liquid nitrogen ice cream.   Don’t miss this week of incredible experiments.

Session 2, July 10-14:-Junior Engineers - Register Now

Looking to find your inner inventor?   Then this week is for you.  Put your building skills to the test as you design, create, and test contraptions.  Build vehicles and gadgets that hurl objects through the air, and build one of our famous marshmallow shooters and compete in a marshmallow war! 

Session 3, July 17-21: Mission to Mars - Register Now

Discover the far reaches of space in a week dedicated to astronomy and flight.  Learn about the mysteries of the solar system and discover the physics of flight as we build rockets, gliders, and other things that travel through the air.  Investigate the wonders of the universe in our starlab planetarium.

Session 4, July 24-28: Marine Science - Register Now

Join us for a journey to Manhasset bay and explore everything the shore has to offer.  Learn about marine life and how life adapts to a challenging ecosystem.  Get up close to live animals and observe them in their natural habitat.  Get up close to a shark as we dissect an actual specimen.

Session 5, July 31- August 4: Robotics and Technology - Register Now

Spend a week exploring the ever-changing world of technology.  See how robots, technology, and computers are rapidly changing the world.  Learn what a robot is and build your very own.  Join us in the computer lab and explore the world of 3-D printing and how video games are made

Session 6, August 7-11:  Survival - Register Now

Come out for a wilderness adventure and learn what it takes to survive outdoors.  Build your own shelters, learn about campfires, discover edible plants, and even cook over a fire.  Come ready for an outdoor adventure.  *Camp out a night at the Museum.* 

Session 7, August 14-18: CSI:  Leeds Pond- Register Now

The SMLI Bureau of Investigation:   A crime has been committed and the Bureau needs the help of some junior agents.  Get ready for a completely immersive experience through the world of forensics.  Take on the role of a forensic scientist by examining a crime scene and collecting evidence.  Conduct interviews with suspects and find out who the perpetrator is.  Will you know who the suspect is?

Session 8, August 21-27: Fear Factor - Register Now

How far are you willing to push your limits?  Do you have what it takes to hold a giant insect?  How about eating one?  Compete in challenges that challenge both your mind and skills to the limit.  See how daring you really are while feeling the rush of adrenaline and thrill of accomplishment

Camp Info

  • Camp Hours:

    Check-in 9:30 a.m - 10:00 a.m.
    Camp runs 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
  • Extended Hours:

    A.M. 8:30-9:30 a.m. ($10/day)  
    P.M. 3:00-4:00 p.m. ($10/day)
    Both A.M. and P.M.: $15/day)
  • Museum Gift Shop:

    On Fridays, campers will visit the gift shop.  All items in the shop are science-related, educational, and fun! Prices range from $0.25 to $20.
  • Snacks:

    Remember to pack lunch for your child! With the exception of Wednesday and Friday of each week, and any overnight experience during the summer, SMLI does not provide meals to campers. However, snacks of fruit, chips, and cookies (nut-free), priced at $0.50-$1.00, are available daily during lunch recess.
  • Charge Accounts:

    Parents may choose to make a deposit into a “charge account” from which campers may draw funds during the week to purchase snacks, beverages, and gift shop items. Parents may list any guidelines and/or restrictions for this account (e.g., no soda, no toys, etc.).
  • Pizza Day:

    Every Wednesday is pizza day! For $6, your child may choose to have pizza, fruit juice, and cookies. Purchase is optional.
  • Barbecue Day:

    On Friday of each week, we fire up the grill for our campers. Friday’s menu (for $6 per child) includes a hamburger or hotdog, fruit juice, and a dessert. (Purchase is optional.)
  • T-Shirts:

    Each camper is issued a T-shirt at the start of camp. For security and safety reasons, we strongly encourage campers to wear an official camp T-shirt every day. Additional shirts are available for $10 each.