Science Birthday Parties

Our birthday parties are designed for children ages 4 and up.

Invite up to 25 guests (including your child) to celebrate with a science-themed party.

Parties Include:

  • 45 minutes of a hands-on science program
  • Invitations for your guests
  • 45 minutes in our party room
  • •SMLI water bottle party favor for each child

Party Options*


$375 For 12 children

($17 for each additional child)


$325 For 12 children

($12 for each additional child)

Includes: Pizza, juice, paper plates, tablecloths, napkins and plastic utensils
(Additional fee to provide pizza and soda for parents)

*In both options, parents provide birthday cake, candles, matches.

Available Times

Monday-Thursday: 4-5:30pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10-11:30am**, 12:30-2pm, 3-4:30pm       **available only if you provide refreshments

Party Topics

Nursery through 1st Grade

Animal Encounters

Science Magic

Discovering Dinos

Find out which of our animals is         Did you know that magicians are       Test your dino IQ, see real dinosaur fast, slow, soft or scaly while          really scientists? Be amazed as you fossils and create your own fossil to meeting our live animals at   watch water vanish, make things        take home. Be prepared to get dirty this fun party.      change color and walk away from      in our paleo lab, weather permitting. your own shadow.

2nd Grade & Up

Scientist Laboratory

Animal Adaptations



What happens when you mix acids and bases with household items? Create your own gooey concoction to take home and perform other amazing experiments.

What makes an animal a vertebrate? Learn the difference between reptiles, amphibians and mammals in this exciting live animal birthday party.

What was the earth like         Explore lava, magma and 65 million years ago? Find the different types of out how scientists use            volcanoes. Create your fossils to learn    own volcano to take

about prehistoric plants          home and learn how to and animals. Visit our         make it erupt.

paleo lab to help us unearth some prehistoric bones, weather permitting.



Have an alternative topic idea? Call to brainstorm with one of our scientists!

Use our party room or let us bring a program to your home!