Programs are 50-60 minutes unless otherwise noted.

Beach Ecology II 
Grades: 5-12 Fee:$190

Using the Leeds Pond Preserve beach front on Manhasset Bay, a marine ecosystem will be put in the hands of the students. By learning and practicing the techniques of biological sampling, students perform a survey of the organisms near and on the shore. Participants will test the physical and chemical parameters of the water (salinity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, nitrates, phosphates). Students should be prepared to get shoes wet. 1 1/2 hour program.

DNA Extraction Grades: 5-10 Fee: $165*
The chromosomes which contain details of life can finally be seen with the naked eye. Students will unravel the mysteries of genetics and cell anatomy while removing DNA from plants. Students will leave with a sample of DNA and a new understanding of why we are all so different.

DNA Fingerprinting Grades: 5-12 Fee: $225
The DNA sequence of each person is unique. We will perform the process of electrophoresis and learn how modern science identifies individuals with DNA fingerprinting. Students will collect and prepare a sample, set a gel plate, pipette the sample, and analyze the results.  1 1/2 hour program
Oceanography & Marine Ecology Grades: 5-12 Fee: $950
This is the most comprehensive program on Long Island’s marine resources developed for young people or adults. Oceanography techniques will be conducted aboard a vessel from the Port Washington Town Dock. While aboard, participants will perform chemical analysis of the water and use nets to collect and identify planktonic and benthic organisms. Maritime history and fisheries biology will be expolred while aboard. Price is for 25 students. $35/student for additional students.  35 students maximum. 3 hour program.
Plastics & Polymers Grades: 5-8 Fee: $165*
Modern chemistry comes to life when students examine the interaction between different solutions that make up an every day material - Plastic! Through demonstrations and hands on experiments, students learn the chemistry behind our man-made materials. The class will explore the realm of polymerization, hydration, and elasticity in this exciting workshop.

Practical Paleontology Grades: 5-12 Fee: $225
This program is designed to give students a working knowledge of paleontology. By visiting our paleontology lab, students will see how fossils are excavated, preserved and restored. Each student will have the opportunity to work on actual bones encased in rock material. 2 hour program
Shark Dissection Grades: 5-12 Fee: $325
This program is designed to give a close-up look inside a unique vertebrate animal. Students dissect a shark and discover the similarities and differences to our own anatomy. Respiratory, digestive, circulatory, and reproductive systems will be explored.  Students work in groups of 4 with a maximum class size of 24 (unless other arrangements are made). 1 1/2 hour program

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