Junior Summer Science

2017 Camp Brochure

Grades 2 - 3

Session 1, July 3-7: Who Dunnit? - Register Now

Some items have gone missing at the Science Museum and we’re assembling a team to find them. We need you! Come, learn the techniques used by real forensic investigators to solve the case!

Session 2, July 10-14: Think It. Build It. - Register Now

Because computers use their own special language to communicate, they can seem difficult to understand. Come learn how to write in code and program a robot to perform tasks! Give shape to your thoughts during this technology-based week.

Session 3, July 17-21: Lost in Space - Register Now

Shoot off to the stars for this space-themed adventure. A whole week dedicated to space and flight is sure to be a soaring success. We’ll learn about what life would be like on other planets, and even go inside our Starlab to watch the stars during the day!

Session 4, July 24-28: A Trip to the Beach  - Register Now

Come discover the amazing creatures that live on the beaches of Manhasset Bay. We will use tools learn all about the water around us and explore the array of animals that live in the intertidal zone. You’ll be surprised at just how many different creatures live right here on our very shores!

Session 5, July 31- August 4: Inside Out - Register Now

Get to know yourself a little better as we understand more about what keeps our bodies moving and grooving. This week we will meet our friendly museum animals as they help as to explore how amazing life is.

Session 6, August 7-11: Could You Survive It? - Register Now

Oh no! You’ve been dropped on a desert island with nothing but your summer camp group! How will you survive? Join us as we practice survival skills and focus on working together as a team.

Session 7, August 14-18: Digging Deep - Register Now

Discover the incredible wonders hiding just below the surface of the Earth. Let’s get our hands dirty as we learn about dinosaurs, rocks, and the Earth itself. Then, hang on to your hats as we withstand the many mighty forces of nature.

Session 8, August 21-27: Science A to Z - Register Now

Join us as we wrap up our summer with this wild concoction of scientific inquiry. Join us for a mix of topics and end our summer with a bang!


Camp Info

  • Camp Hours:

    Check-in 9:30 a.m - 10:00 a.m.
    Camp runs 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
  • Extended Hours:

    A.M. 8:30-9:30 a.m. ($10/day)  
    P.M. 3:00-4:00 p.m. ($10/day)
    Both A.M. and P.M.: $15/day)
  • Museum Gift Shop:

    On Fridays, campers will visit the gift shop.  All items in the shop are science-related, educational, and fun! Prices range from $0.25 to $20.
  • Snacks:

    Remember to pack lunch for your child! With the exception of Wednesday and Friday of each week, and any overnight experience during the summer, SMLI does not provide meals to campers. However, snacks of fruit, chips, and cookies (nut-free), priced at $0.50-$1.00, are available daily during lunch recess.
  • Charge Accounts:

    Parents may choose to make a deposit into a “charge account” from which campers may draw funds during the week to purchase snacks, beverages, and gift shop items. Parents may list any guidelines and/or restrictions for this account (e.g., no soda, no toys, etc.).
  • Pizza Day:

    Every Wednesday is pizza day! For $6, your child may choose to have pizza, fruit juice, and cookies. Purchase is optional.
  • Barbecue Day:

    On Friday of each week, we fire up the grill for our campers. Friday’s menu (for $6 per child) includes a hamburger or hotdog, fruit juice, and a dessert. (Purchase is optional.)
  • T-Shirts:

    Each camper is issued a T-shirt at the start of camp. For security and safety reasons, we strongly encourage campers to wear an official camp T-shirt every day. Additional shirts are available for $10 each.