Boy Scout Programs

The Science Museum of Long Island is a great place to bring your scout troop to earn a badge.

Fee: $175 - 1½ hour program for 15 scouts ($11 for each additional scout with a maximum of 25)

Available Program Times

Monday-Thursday: 4-5:30pm • Weekends: 10-11:30am, 12:30-2pm, 3-4:30pm

Tiger Cub & Webelos Belt Loops & Pins Grades 1-5




Visit our Starlab and find out how to         Learn about the various types of    Do experiments and activities in the identify constellations. Learn about          volcanoes and collect rocks and minerals     categories of Geology, Chemistry, Biology,

telescopes, the solar system, planets and    while learning the differences between         Physics and Astronomy. Learn about the the moon.    them. Take a close look at some amazing     scientific method. fossils we have.

Webelos Badge Grades 4-6


Animal Habitats


Decipher a secret message, learn how to lift fingerprints and collect evidence while helping to solve a mystery.

See live animals to understand their needs By dissecting and examining flowers and in the wild. Learn how animals are being other plants, learn how each part of the threatened in our changing environments plant has a function and purpose. Create and what can be done to help them. fun projects using natural plant parts.



Through the use of a compass, maps and GPS devices,          Camping requires skills and knowledge to stay safe. Learn how You will find our secret hiding place for treasure.            to build a campfire, cook outdoors and practice your compass Create an item to trade that will be discovered by other Girl    skills.

Sleepovers (All Levels)

Make earning your badge at the Science Museum of Long Island a night to remember. Your troop is welcome to have a scout sleepover on the first floor of the Museum.

Fee: $390 for 15 scouts ($26 each additional scout with a maximum group size of 25) There is no fee for adults, but please limit the number you bring.

Sleepover Itinerary

Friday night                                                                     Saturday morning

5:30-6:00 pm- Troop arrives, settles in, and has dinner    7:00-8:00 am- Breakfast and pack up belongings

6:00-7:30 pm- Badge Program                                           8:00-9:00 am- Beach Walk

8:00-9:30 pm- Campfire and night hike                             9:00am- Troop departs