The Science Museum of Long Island is located on a beautiful 40 acre nature preserve. The Leeds Pond Preserve offers natural environments such as dense forest, a lush marsh, meandering stream, serine grassy lawn, and brackish pond.  This ideal setting makes outdoor education classes a profound experience with new discoveries and surprises in each class.

Outdoor programs are held rain or shine. Please inform the instructor if any participants have nut allergies since the Leeds Pond Preserve contains nut trees:  walnut, chestnut, etc.

Programs are 50-60 minutes unless otherwise noted. 

A Sense of Wonder Grades: N-K Fee: $150
Explore the natural wonders of the Leeds Pond Preserve and use your senses to learn the basics of an ecosystem. Discover how plants and animals live in a forest together. This “sense-sational” program is held outdoors on our woodland trails.

Beach Ecology I Grades: 3-6 Fee: $175
Make our beachfront on Manhasset Bay your classroom by introducing students to the many micro-environments found in the intertidal zone. Discover the physical, chemical, and biological factors that make the a beach a unique ecological zone.   Students should be prepared to get shoes wet. 1 1/2  hour program
Beach Study Grades: N-2 Fee: $150
Discover what lives in and around Manhasset Bay. Investigate the various habitats on our beach. Try to find crabs, worms, clams, and snails.  Students should be prepared to get shoes wet.

Maple Sugaring Grades: 1-6 Fee: $150
In late winter, as the spring thaw starts, maple sugaring gets underway. As the days warm up and trees start getting ready for spring, the sap starts flowing. Come to the Science Museum and learn how we collect sap and boil it down to make maple syrup.  Available mid-February through mid-March.

Pirates' Booty Grades 3-6 Fee: $150
Booty is a pirate’s hidden treasure.  The key to finding it relies on map reading and the use of a compass. Basic orienteering skills will lead students on a journey to find hidden treasure.

Water Water Everywhere Grades: 3-12 Fee: $175
Explore the watershed in your backyard and how we all affect it. Take a hike following water through Leeds Pond Preserve and out to the Manhasset Bay. Perform chemical tests to compare water qualities. This program includes an indoor and outdoor portion. Length: 2 hours.

Woodland Ecology Grades: 1-6 Fee: $150
Introduce students to the basic components of the forest environment. By observing soil and the various types of vegetation growing in it, discover how producers, consumers, and decomposers all work together to produce a balanced ecosystem.

*Water Water Everywhere is free for the School Communities of the Manhasset Bay Watershed, courtesy of a grant awarded by the Manhasset Bay Protection Committee.

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