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 Daytime Programs  

Bring your scouts to the Museum for a memorable badge-earning day!  Boy and Girl Scouts can earn pins, badges, and try-its through programs at the Science Museum of Long Island.  Choose a topic from the list below and enjoy an hour and a half of hands-on activities that cover requirements for your badge of choice as outlined in the Scout handbooks. 

Fee: $165 per program for 15 scouts and under, $11 each additional scout over 15 up to 25 scouts maximum.


Stay the night at the Science Museum of Long Island!  Your troop will earn a badge, enjoy a night hike with a campfire, and take a stroll along our beach in the morning. Alternative fun activities are available during inclimate weather.  When you call to register, know which dates are most ideal for you, have a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) to hold the date, and know which program topic you would like. Topics listed below.

Fee: $375 for 15 scouts and under, $25 each additional scout over 15 up to 25 scouts maximum. No charge for adults, but please limit the number you bring.

Special Offer!
Fee:  $325 for 15 scouts and under on October, December and January Sleepovers, $25 each additional scout over 15 up to 25 scouts maximum. No charge for adults, but please limit the number you bring.


Topic Choices: Each topic runs for appoximately 1.5 hours.
You may book more than one weekend daytime program topic
to have a science-filled day on the preserve!

 Brownie Badges  

Home Scientist: Come experiment with science using household materials. You will make your fingers spark, create a blob of goo, mix up a foaming eruption and much more! The best part is you can perform these experiments at home for your own family.


Sense: Come for an adventure that will stimulate each sense and give you a better understanding of how they work. From seeing your voice to changing the taste of foods, learn how to improve your senses as well as trick them.


Hiker: Join a naturalist as they get the group ready to set out on an outdoor adventure to exlore the forest. We will prepare a snack and pack our gear. See if we can find our way using a trail map.


Pets: Get up close to our live animals and learn what each animal needs to survive. Investigate how the animals react to food, being touched and grooming. See if you can teach our animals a new trick.


Bugs: Learn the difference between insects and spiders, Get up close with hissing roaches and a tarantula. Go out on a bug hunt and set up a terrarium to keep a specimen you find.

 Junior Badges  

Detective: Decipher a secret message, fingerprint the suspects, look at samples through a microscope and collect evidence.


Animal Habitats: Hike out and visit habitats in nature. See live animalsto understand their needs in the wild. Learn how animals are being threatened in our changing environment. Help improve habitats in your own backyard.


Flowers: Explore the wonders of the plant kingdom. Dissecting and examining flowers and other plants. Learn how each part of the plant has a function and purpose. Create fun projects using natural plant parts.


Geocacher: Come search for a treasure hidden in our preserve. Through the use of a compass, maps and GPS devices, you will find our secret hiding place. You will create an item to trade that will be discovered by other scouts.


Camper: Camping requires skillsand knowledge to stay safe. Our program will lead your troop through building campfires, making shelters, compass skills, and cooking outdoors.

 Tiger Cub & WEBELOS Academic Belt Loops and Pins  

Astronomy: Visit our portable planetarium and learn to identify constellations. Learn about telescopes, the solar system, planets, stars, the moon and more.


Geology: Identify some fossils. Learn about volcanoes, the differences between rocks and minerals, different types of rocks characteristics of minerals and more.


Science: Experiment with solids, liquids and gasses. Learn about the scientific method, simple machines, different types of rocks, ocean creatures, plant seeds and more.

 WEBELOS Badges  

Forester: Learn to identify trees and plants, examine tree rings, learn about wildfires, forest structure and more.


Geologist: Learn about fossils, volcanoes, mountains, rocks, minerals and their uses.


Naturalist: See some animals, take a hike, learn about wetlands, food chains, the balance of nature and make an insect zoo terrarium.


Scientist: Learn about Bernoulli's Pinciple, Pascal's Law and inertia. Makecrystals and atmospheric air and water pressure experiments. See and understand optical illusions.