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Drop off forms on third floor of the Science Museum.
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Camp Hours:
Monday - Friday
9:30 AM - 3:00 PM

  • Extended Hours
    (Early drop off program)
    Monday - Friday
    8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
    $11/day: Children enjoy crafts and relaxing time before the camp day begins.
    Please call ahead to schedule.

    Charge Accounts
    You can create a charge account for your child to purchase snacks or to use in the gift shop to avoid the hassle of carrying cash.

    Campers must bring their own lunch.

    Gift Shop
    The last day of each week is gift shop day. Our gift shop is stocked with fun, science related items from $0.25 to $20.00.

    Themed Group Photos

    Themed group pictures will be taken every week and are available for purchase. Ask your child's teacher or counselor for a form. Click the link above to view a sample.


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    SUMMER CAMP 2014


    Our 2014 Summer Camp Guide is here!


    Want your very own copy? Click on the link above and download our guide or stop by SMLI today and grab a copy.


    Summer Camp Add-on Discounts

    Is your child crazy about our Summer Camp?

    Well we have just what you need!!




    (All children must attend the same week, Cannot be applied to previous registrations)


    *New Camper Discount*

    Starting July 28, 2014

    *Save $25 PER WEEK*

    (This is a limited time offer, No Sibling Discount, Cannot be applied to previous registrations)



    Summer Science Experience:

    Nursery - 3rd Grade

    Campers will be organized into independent groups based on the grade level completed by June 2014.  Each camper group has one adult teacher and one high school or college age counselor, and group sizes remain small—generally seventeen campers or below per group. Material is adjusted appropriately for each age group, featuring more complex experiments and projects based on the weekly theme as campers grow older.

    Session 1
    June 30 - July 3*
    Weird Science
    Learn how much fun science can be as you perform "weird" experiments. Discover the secrets behind chemistry and physics. Make blobs of goo, try your hand at making a "super bubble" and cause a reaction that explodes! *No camp on July 4th.
    Session 2
    July 7 - July 11
    Ecosystems and Animals
    Learn why each of the Museum's insects, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds, can succeed in one habitat but not another. Discover how plants, from the smallest flower to the tallest tree, are critical to sustaining our ecosystems?
    Session 3
    July 14 - July 18
    Beach Combers
    Explore our beachfront on Manhasset Bay with nets and shovels and see the amazing diversity of the animals that call it home. Get sandy and wet as you catch fish, dig up crabs, and discover what lurks near our shores.
    Session 4
    July 21 - July 25
    Space & Flight
    Blast off to the edge of the solar system and beyond. Enter Starlab to hear ancient myths about the constellations and get an up close look at the planets in our solar system. Learn how planes glide and rockets soar.
    Session 5
    July 28 - August 1
    Scientific Mysteries
    Learn the secrets behind various scientific mysteries. Discover how magnets work, boats float and how to make water disappear? Become a forensic scientist to help solve a crime at the Museum.
    Session 6
    August 4- August 8
    Trail Blazing
    A week of fun based on the trailblazing spirit of early America. Wagon rides, shelter building, orienteering and candle making are tasks we will be trying. Learn how to build and cook a sweet treat over an open fire.
    Session 7
    August 11 - August 15
    Dinosaur Dilemma
    Discover how changes in the earth and the forces of nature could have affected the dinosaurs. Examine what causes earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. Become a paleontologist as you help uncover the real bones of a Titanothere in our lab.
    Session 8
    August 18 - August 15
    Science from A to Z
    Do you love all kinds of science? If so, then come to our last week of camp. Campers get to pick which experiments to perform. Topics range from Astronomy to Zoology and everything in between.
    1 Day Programs
    August 25 - August 28
    Different Topic Each Day
    Want to continue your child's camp experience? Then this is the week for you. There will be a different subject for each day, and you can choose to register for either 1 day, 2 days, or all four days. Register by calling 516-627-9400 ext 10.

    *No Camp on July 4th

    Weekly Fee:  $425 per week for first child; $375 per week for additional siblings.

    Advanced Summer Science:

    4th Grade and Up

    Our older camp groups work in teams to tackle even more advanced projects, inventions, and experiments.  Teacher and counselor supervision will be allocated in accordance with the size of the groups.

    Session 1
    June 30 - July 3*
    Messing with Science
    Discover the laws of physics and the nature of chemical reactions as we see how matter interacts. Learn how plastics are made, crystals grow and why fireworks are so colorful. Unlock the secrets of science and perform amazing tricks for your family and friends. *No camp on July 4th.
    Session 2
    July 7 - July 11
    Gadgets & Gizmos
    Learn how scientific thinking has pioneered the creation of today's technology. By following in the footsteps of great inventors, you will create contraptions, machines and instruments that boggle the mind and amaze the skeptics.
    Session 3
    July 14 - July 18
    Marine Science
    Join a group of marine biologists as we discover what lies beneath the deep blue sea. Learn the skills of an oceanographer while you perform chemical tests, conduct experiments and collect data. The group will master the techniques used in seining, trapping and netting various sea creatures.
    Session 4
    July 21 - July 25
    Space & Flight
    Journey through the skies and reach the edges of the galaxy. Learn the physics of flight as we build rockets, gliders, and other things that travel through the air. See how an astronaut lives and navigate through stars and planets.
    Session 5
    July 28 - August 1
    Join a team of forensic scientists as they examine a crime scene and unravel a mystery. Fingerprinting, DNA analysis, blood typing and fiber analysis will help us find out who the culprit is. Be prepared to come to camp with a solid alibi.
    Session 6
    August 4- August 8
    Come out for a wilderness adventure and learn what it takes to survive outdoors. Build your own shelters, learn about campfires, discover edible plants and even cook over a fire. *Camp out a night at the Museum.*
    Session 7
    August 11 - August 15
    Fear Factor
    Do you have what it takes to hold a hissing cockroach. Come feel the rush of adrenaline and thrill of accomplishment, while learning the skills of rock climbing and reppelling. Compete in challenges and find out if you are willing to push the limits.
    Session 8
    August 18 - August 15
    Science Mania
    Get ready for a week of science experiments that you choose. The sky is the limit! DNA experiments, dissections, you name it and we'll do it. Learn about all the things you are curious about.
    1 Day Programs
    August 25 - August 28
    Different Topic Each Day
    Want to continue your child's camp experience? Then this is the week for you. There will be a different subject for each day, and you can choose to register for either 1 day, 2 days, or all four days. Register by calling 516-627-9400 ext 10.

    *No Camp on July 4th

    Weekly Fee:  $425 per week for first child; $375 per week for additional siblings.


    Summer Camp One Day Sessionsnew

    This four-day week program is a great way to continue your child's summer camp experience or introduce your child to our programs. Choose one day or register for all four days. You can register for this week only by calling the Registrar's office at (516) 627-9400 ext 10.

    Day 1
    Monday, August 25th
    Ecological Exploration
    Become an outdoor explorer as you go trekking through the many habitats of this 36 acre preserve. Learn about the animals and plants that make these places their home. Discover how to track animals and get a better understanding of ecosystems and food webs.
    Day 2
    Tuesday, August 26th
    If You Build It, They Will Come
    Try out your engineering knowledge as you put your building skills to the test. Build structures that can hold weight. With limited supplies see if your tower can defy gravity.
    Day 3
    Wednesday, August 27th
    A Taste od Science
    Using edible ingredients, you will perform chemical experiments and help to identify scientific principles. Learn where some of your favorite ingredients come from and about the different types.
    Day 4
    Thursday, August 28th
    Fantastic Physics
    Learn about energy, motion, forces, and more. What makes objects pop, spin and fly? Test the boundaries of the phases of matter. Make things change color, explode and leviate.


    Long Island Raiders

    Adventure Camp - 5th Grade and Up

    2 Sessions - July 21 - 25, 2014 & August 25 - 29, 2014

    In this program we will venture outside the boundaries of the Leeds Pond Preserve to discover science from a different perspective. From the east end of Long Island to NYC, we will trek each day to a different location. Via bus, train, boat or on foot, we will be on a quest to investigate science from the best standpoint......being a part of it!

    Campers are invited to stay one night at the museum for a camp out on the grounds, a night hike, and grilling outdoors. Long Island Raiders is an innovative way to combine a "close-to-home" sleep-away experience and day-tripping. This week-long adventure will exceed the normal camp schedule of 9:30 am - 3:00 pm. So, to keep up pace and get the most out of each day we will be leaving early and arriving back late each day. All admissions, lunches, dinner for the one- night sleep-over, and transportation are included. The camp week will be filled with outdoor adventures, waterside fun, sports, entertainment and excursions to cool locations. Parents will be notified when campers are on their way back to the Museum for pick-up, as well as what time to dropoff campers each morning.

    Weekly Fee:  $825 (membership required)


    Assistant Counsler Program

    Teenagers ages 14-17 who are interested in learning how to be a counselor at SMLI are welcome to apply for a position in the Science Museum's new Assistant Counselor Program. This training program is designed to help young teens develop communication and leadership skills while working with our younger campers. Guided by SMLI's experienced staff, assistant counselors will help out with classroom tasks, gain experience planning activities for children, and learn the responsibility that comes along with being a role model. Assistant counselors can earn a $50 stipend per week for each successful week "on the job." Weekly evaluations to be reviewed with assistant counselors will provide the feedback you need to have a successful summer and the tools for becoming a future leader.

    For a packet outlining the Assistant Counselor Program in further detail, all interested parties should contact:

    Registrar's office at (516) 627-9400 extension 10 or email SMLI@optonline.com

    Pending receipt of reference letter and successful interview, candidates who are hired for the program owe a $350/week fee with the potential to earn back $50/week. A four week (sessions 1-4 or 5-8) committment is necessary.
    Assistant Counselor Application

    Camp Forms:
    All four forms are needed to register. Click to enlarge and print camp forms below. (If they do not print properly, first download and save PDF file, then print.) In addition to these three forms, proof of a physical within one year of last date attending camp will be required.

    Registration Form
    Health History Form
    Medical Form
    Pick Up Form