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4th Grade Proficiency

The fourth grade is a benchmark year where learning is assessed and tested. The Science Museum of Long Island offers programs that teach, review, and help determine the science proficiency of fourth grade students. The programs listed below incorporate science, math, literacy, critical thinking, and manipulative skills. Only fourth grade classes will be allowed to participate.

Students will perform an experiment with a ball and ramp that mimics a boulder’s movement. The goal of the class is to determine which slope will cause the least amount of damage to a hillside village. This program guides students through the steps of the scientific method, creating a hypothesis, a fair test, and accurately recording results. Emphasis is put on writing proper sentences when recording scientific data.

Water Works:  
Students are enlisted as water quality specialists and are asked to solve the problem of mysterious 'glowing' water. While practicing measuring skills with liquids, students will determine volume, temperature, weight, and density.

2B or not 2B:  
By performing electrical and magnetic testing, students will determine if the items belong in drawer 2B or not. Electrical conductivity and magnetic properties of materials will be explored during class. Students will create a simple circuit to test their items and go over the basics of magnet forces.

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