Campers are organized into groups based on registration levels and grade the camper has completed by June 2020

Some grade levels may have children from 2 different grade levels combined.  Example:  Kindergarten and 1st. 


While the weekly theme for pre-k- 1st grade children may be the same, each grade the daily topics taught will be unique for each grade.

Note:  Children in the nursery level must be at least 4 years of age and toilet trained

Copy of birth certificate required for children in the nursery program

Block Registration options:  All 8 Weeks  


                                            First 4 Weeks

                                            Last 4 Weeks


Session 1: June 29th –  July 2nd (no camp on July 3rd)

Above, Below, and Between Earth’s Crust


Discover the incredible wonders hiding just beneath the surface of the Earth. Get your hands dirty as we learn about dinosaurs, rocks, and the tremendous power of natural forces.

Session 2: July 6th – 10th

Space Invaders


 Blast off into the cosmos during our week dedicated to space. Learn about all the celestial bodies that fill the night sky, how astronauts navigate space, and even launch a rocket!

Session 3: July 13th -17th

Experiment Extravaganza


Discover just how much science you can do from the comfort of your own home! Perform experiments in chemistry, physics, and more in this action-packed week filled with surprises.

Session 4: July 20th – 24th

Somethings Fishy


Dive into the exciting ecosystem of the marine world! This week we will learn about the diversity of life and the adaptations needed to survive within the many layers of the ocean. What will you discover on you own beach exploration?

Session 5: July 27th – July 31st

Engineering Adventures


Calling all builders! Learn how to utilize the engineering design process to make contraptions that float, fly, and more. Compete with your fellow campers and take part in our camp-wide egg drop challenge!

Session 6: August 3rd – 7th

Survival of the Fittest


Get in touch with nature as we bring the great outdoors inside! Learn essential survival skills like how to build a fire, identify plants, and more. You’ll see your own backyard in a whole new light!

Session 7: August 10th – 14th

Spectacular Species


If you love animals, this is the week for you! Explore the relationships between animals and their environment and get up close with the many species here at the museum.  Investigate the importance of all living things within their ecosystem, from tiny insects to large predators.

Session 8: August 17th – 21st

Magic and Mystery - Discover the secrets of science to become a real magician! Watch ingredients from your kitchen change colors, turn liquid into slime, and experiment with magnets and other natural forces.


 Amazing Anatomy - How do we digest food? Can we trick the brain? What makes the human hand such an incredible tool? Answer these questions and more as we explore the inner workings of the human body. Learn about your senses, internal systems, and the most complex thing in the whole universe: the brain!



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