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The SMLI Children’s Garden Workshop offers the perfect way for kids to get outside and get their hands dirty while learning all about botany and how to plant, tend and harvest a garden.  We will explore a wide variety of topics before finally harvesting and helping to package the extra food to be donated to the Port Washington based food-distribution organization Plant-A-Row For The Hungry. 

  • Non-members   $400 for 10 sessions

  • Members            $350 for 10 sessions

  • Tuesdays 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

  • 10 sessions starting March 23rd

  • Class sizes will be limited to 15 children

  • Masks are required inside the Science Museum

  • Pre-Registration is required​.


Family membership is $100 for the year for the whole family.  Click here to become a member.

* This program was made possible by a generous grant from the Community Chest of Port Washington and the Mertz Community Resource Fund.

Week 1:  Plant biology – An introduction to plants (aquatic and terrestrial), why they are important, their major parts, and how they function. 

Week 2:  Planting – A hands-on portion of the class where children will be actively planting in the garden. Students will be sent home with a plant of their choosing to grow at home.

Week 3:  Planting – A continuation of week 3 plus learning what it will take to have healthy plants, the requirements and time-to-harvest of the various plants.

Week 4:  Little Green Thumbs – Class will involve the further discussion of plant anatomy and the parts that humans consume. This class involves tasting/eating the foods and microscopes can also be used during this class to examine cross sections of parts of the plants.

Week 5:  Flower dissection/ Pollinators – An in-depth class regarding the parts of a flower and their importance in food production as well as dissection of a flower plus a discussion about various pollinators and a walk-through preserve to locate any local pollinators. 

Week 6:  Seeds aka reproduction(monocot/dicot/spores/etc.) – This class will show children the difference between the two types of seeds (monocot/dicot) and seed anatomy.   Students will also be able to use microscopes in classroom to view slides with things like pollen.  

Week 7:  Fruits vs. Veggies - This class will focus on the botanical and cultural differences between the two items and how they got their classification. This lesson can be partially taught in the garden where a discussion about them can take place while also tending to the garden.

Week 8:  Fungus/algae/moss/lichen - They grow but are they plants or are something different? This class will focus on these organisms while using the field microscopes to view them up close on a walk through the preserve.

Week 9:  Harvesting – Those crops that are ready for harvest will be harvested. Students can request other topics of interest to be discussed.

Week 10:  Harvesting/ tasting/ packing for donation –
We will harvest those crops that are ready, and students will be allowed to sample any they want before bringing some home or packing the rest to be donated to Plant-A-Row for the Hungry or similar.