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"My daughter Sydney has been attending the afterschool workshop throughout her entire elementary school years and now she’s in her first year of middle school.

The science after school workshop provides a unique hands-on experience that my daughter cannot get in school. Because the knowledge taught is experienced through hands on projects, it is learned much more naturally and absorbs at a much deeper level.

Each session she goes and comes back brimming with excitement.

These are genius workshops and please pass on my thanks!"

- Regards Stephanie

"I've been thrilled to see my children thriving at SMLI. They learn about science—and teach me things I never knew—but even more important, they get to be in a friendly and exuberant atmosphere. They form a deeper connection to their immediate environment: to the woods, to the animals, to the bay, to the stars. And the staff is top notch."


Elizabeth Picciuto, PhD

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