Junior Adventurers

2nd - 3rd grade

Campers are organized into groups based on registration levels and grade the camper has completed by June 2021.

The Junior Explorers program is suitable for children who are currently in 2nd and 3rd grade.  The daily activities under each theme will be tailored to this group and unique from the other classes at camp.


Block Registration options:                                        

                                            Last 4 Weeks

Session 1:  July 6th - July 9th (no camp on July 5th)

Anatomical Marvels

Learn about the human body and the amazing features that make us all spectacular specimens. We will be looking from the outside in as we dive deeper into our 5 senses, digestion, the brain, and more!

Session 2:  July 12th – 16th



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Gazing at the Galaxy

Time to blast off to the great unknown in our week all about outer space! Peek into the lives of astronauts and see what it would be like to live on the moon.  Find out more about the stars, planets, and other phenomena that fill the night sky. 

Session 3: July 19th -23rd



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Zany Zoology

Explore the diversity of the animal kingdom as we meet the critters living here at the science museum. Get up close and personal with our amphibians, reptiles, and mammals as we look at how all animals interact and impact their ecosystem.

Session 4:  July 26th – 30th



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Science by the Seashore

Surf, sand, and sun! What more could you want from an action-packed week exploring Manhasset Bay? Get ready to dive in as we seine for fish, collect crustaceans, and learn about the incredible ecology of the intertidal zone.

Session 5:  August 2nd - 6th

Construction Crew

Bring out your inner engineer as we compete in construction challenges. See who can build the tallest tower or the strongest bridge in our week dedicated to structure and design.

Session 6:  August 9th – 13th

Over the River and Through the Woods

See what nature has to offer as we explore our 36-acre preserve. Become skilled in how to use the things around you to survive in the great outdoors. Learn how to build shelters, fires, and filter water while staying eco-friendly! 

Session 7:  August 16th – 20th

What in the World is Going On?

This week we will dig into dinosaur fossils and the rocks that surround them. Learn about the natural disasters that impacted them and what it can tell us about where our planet is headed. Whether it’s the past, present, or future, our planet has a lot to teach us.

Session 8: August 23rd - 27th


End your summer with a bang as we perform all kinds of science experiments. Feel like a mad scientist as we perform experiments in biology, chemistry, and physics. Watch as our experiments ooze, explode, and bubble up!