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Hey, Kids!  Check out these fun sites!  Play games, 
watch videos, read stories, and explore science on the web!

For our youngest explorers.. see what science is about with Peep! Test your skills at measuring, balancing, matching, and more with these science games.

 Want ideas for experiments you can do at home?  Here’s a bunch you can try! Just be sure to check with a grown-up first!

 Follow Moby the Robot through his cartoon adventures exploring science topics, and other subjects too!

 Visit the Science Museum of Minnesota from your computer!  Save the population from viruses, check out the science buzz, or see what’s happening in PIE where you can play, invent, and explore!

 Read stories, listen to podcasts, and discover the answers to questions like, “Why are oceans salty?” and  “How wide is lightning?”  You can also see what’s in tonight’s sky!

 Are you between the ages of 5 and 7?  Lots of cool activities all the way from Great Britain are here for you to enjoy.

 Pick your grade, then pick a topic… you’ll find fun games that are about science and the world around us!

 Join Ms. Frizzle for an online adventure!  Find out the experiment of the month, play games, or hop on the bus for a science tour.

 For junior scientists looking to win a prize:  check out what you need to do to win a science fair.  The Internet Public Library explains it all, and even helps you pick a topic that’s right for you!

 Do you like volcanoes?  Then you like to study Volcanology!  How about fossils?  Then you’re into Paleontology!  Learn about different Ologies at this site from the American Museum of Natural History, a great big museum just a few miles away from the SMLI.  You can also see the great science questions kids just like you have asked, and the answers scientists gave them!

 What makes your hands prune up when you play in the tub? How is cheese made? What is salt good for? People who study big questions answer your questions here.

 Science Experiments for All Around Your Home

Learn about notable women in engineering and technology 


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