Physical Science


Why do things float? Find out why as you experiment with principles of sinking and floating. Test what you learned by constructing a boat that can carry cargo. Grades:  K - 3

Bridging the Gap

Did you know that an ordinary piece of paper can turn into a bridge that can hold considerable weight? Find out how as you explore the world of bridges and columns. Compete with your classmates to create the strongest structure. Grades 3 - 6


Investigate the world of electricity by constructing different types of circuits. Use your own body as a conductor while learning about static electricity. This is sure to be a shockingly good time! Grades 2 - 6


Discover properties of air and how planes fly. Experiments will investigate the properties of air, air pressure, Bernoulli’s principle, and lift/drag. Grades 3 - 6

Bubble Physics

Through experiments, discover many fun facts about bubbles while learning the principles of surface tension, capillary action, and fluid dynamics. Try your hand at making a super bubble. Grades 3 - 6


Learn about the science of crime scenes and how evidence can help solve a crime.   Collect evidence from a crime scene, perform chemical tests on blood samples and examine differences in fingerprints in order to find out who did it. Grades 3 - 6

Forces and Motion

Discover how Newton’s laws govern how things move. See the effects of drag, lift, gravity, kinetic energy, and potential energy while performing hands-on experiments. Grades 2 - 6

Light, Lenses, and Lasers

Learn how light bounces, bends, and disappears. Watch as you see colors and rainbows appear as you refract light and understand how color is seen. Discover how laser light can be manipulated with mirrors. Grades 3 - 6

Good Vibrations

Explore the world of sound. Through hands-on experiments and demonstrations, discover the variety of ways sound can be produced and how it travels through air and water. Grades K - 6

Kitchen Chemistry

See how ordinary items found in the kitchen can perform exciting chemical reactions. Discover the differences between an acid and a base using an indicator. By the end of class you will be able to cause a reaction that explodes! Grades 1 - 6

The Scientific Method  

The scientific method is another way of thinking. Using various steps, learn to formulate a hypothesis, test the results and come to a final conclusion. By the end of this program, solve the mystery of the mixed-up powders. Grades 3 -6

Liquid Nitrogen New!                          $265 

Experience our "coolest" field trip!  Learn how temperature affects solids, liquids, and gasses and what happens when things get really cold.  Learn the science behind liquid nitrogen as we instantly freeze objects and perform many other experiments


Note:  Price includes materials fee for liquid nitrogen and other items       limited to one class at a time and 2 programs back to back


Find out the big attraction with magnets as you discover the power within the magnetic field. Experiment with magnets of all sizes. Discover the biggest magnet of them all! Grades k - 3

Simple Machines

Learn how our lives are made easier by using levers, inclined planes, screws, pulleys, wheels, and wedges. Through experimentation and hands-on stations, examine how the force needed to do your work is decreased with a little help from simple machines. 1½ hour class Grades 3 - 6

Slime, Goo & Ooze  

Learn the basics of mixing solutions and forming plastics. Students will explore the exciting world of chemistry. By the end of class, each student will have made blobs of goo and handfuls of slime they can take home. k - 6