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There are many ways to cut diamonds. The possibilities are almost limitless! The most popular cut, the round brilliant, attracts and reflects the highest light. Tolkowsky, a stonecutter, developed the best way to cut a diamond to maximize the light's potential. He studied the light passing through diamonds and devised a set for optimal proportions and the arrangement of facets. The formulae of Tolkowkys were proved correct through continued research. This cut is named after him. It is often called the Standard brilliant-cut or American Ideal, American cut, American cut, American cut, Ideal cut, or Ideal cut.

Experts believe that any deviation from these measurements can significantly diminish the stone's appearance and its stunning effects.

This is one of four C's to consider when purchasing a diamond engagement band. The cut is something that man cannot control so it is important to ensure that the diamond has the best cut possible.

Stones can have too many dimensions, including too small or too large tables, as well as stones that are too deep or too shallow. There are also other aspects worth considering.

It is a fascinating area that you should study, and well worth the effort.


The degree of deviation from the ideal proportions, finish or polish of a diamond is used to determine the cut. AGS and GIA are two common systems. The Gia grades can be divided into four categories, while the AGS system uses ten. Each of the finish characteristics and proportions are graded separately and assigned a grade. Each step of the scale reduces the diamond's value.

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