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Aqueous-Based Pigmented Inks

These also are water-based inks, but the colourant is formed of small, encapsulated particles (pigments) suspended within the liquid-like chalk. When applied to paper, the little particles of colour sit on top of the paper rather than absorbed into the paper's fibres like dye inks.

Generally, Pigment Green 7 inks have high lightfastness and ozone resistance. However, they provide slightly lower saturation compared to dye inks.

Printers using aqueous-based pigmented inks often use more colours and graduations (up to 12 ink cartridges) to atone for the lower brilliance and improve overall print quality.

These links are great for indoor posters and graphics, canvas prints and other creative applications. Even outdoors, if additional protection (e.g. lamination) is applied, they can be used for short-term applications or long-term items.

Advantages of pigment ink

Pigment Green 7 Manufacturer tend to be lighter in colour than dye. They're more water-resistant while producing a truer solid black than dye. Especially when the label is exposed to UV light for several months, the pigment ink holds its colour, quality and vibrancy better than dye. The winner is pigment ink in water resistance, long-life durability, and colour consistency.

In the current digital printing market, more and more high-quality inks are being used because they give the impression of being magnificent and vibrant and require a considerably long life when used outdoors.

Water-based inks

Aqueous inks are mainly chosen for aniline and gravure printing. Since aqueous inks are usually alkaline, it is not.

To use pigments that contain ions that react efficiently in an alkaline environment. Additionally, aqueous inks usually contain alcohol solvents, so the pigments should be alcohol resistant. Water-based and UV inks are the longer term of inks in the long term because they're environmentally friendly with extremely low VOCs.

Inks will become much more environmentally friendly in the future. Largest phthalocyanine Pigment Green 7 Manufacturer of organic pigments should even be near this approach.


High colour strength and simple to disperse pigments

Good fastness to solvent and bleed resistance

Suitable to use in increased pigment loading in mill bases

Assortment of opaque and transparent pigments

Just for solvent and waterborne coating systems.