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Annotated Bibliography Examples for APA

I bet some of you are familiar with annotations or you might have received an assignment that requires you to find the sources on a particular topic and then, make annotations for these sources. If you haven’t understood, there is nothing to worry about because I will walk you through the entire process.

Before diving into annotated bibliography, you have to understand its basics first and that includes the definition of annotations. I always had to rely on professional custom essay writing service when it required me to make annotations. I never learned how to do annotations properly in college.

An annotated bibliography is a list of sources such as websites, books, article journals, and other sources that you are going to use to complete your research papers. You have to evaluate your source and write a summary about it.

An annotated bibliography is either a part of a research project or a report in itself.

There are two kinds of annotations.

Summary annotations require writing a summary about the source and its author, what it says and what the documents contain, why and how it was produced and how it is accessible to the public.

Evaluation annotation is the type of annotation that you write a summary on but also evaluate the source to check the relevancy, authority, accuracy, and quality of the source. It helps you understand the topic as well as the analysis of it.

You can easily develop a thesis if you know how to evaluate a source.

I was the type of student who never had to work on annotations or essays because I would always rely on cheap essay writing service to write my essay or even do annotations for me. You guys should learn the basics of annotations and not make the same mistake as me.