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Gone are the days of worrying if you remembered to send your child with cash for the gift shop or to purchase snacks at lunch. Make purchasing snacks other items at the SMLI gift shop easier for your child with a Camper Cash Account! Parent/guardians can check their child's balance, reload cards and get receipts for items purchased emailed directly to them! Camper Cash balances are non-refundable but the balances never expire and can be used anytime your child is at SMLI. Camper Cash balances are non-refundable but the balances never expire and can be used anytime your child is at SMLI.

How do I set up an account for my child?

If you would like to set up a camper cash account for your camper - on their first day of camp send them with a minimum of $1 and a note that you would like them to set up a camper cash card.  The child will then be sent home with a physical card that you can use to check the balance and reload the card. 

What's at the shop?

SMLI has continued to expand and improve it's selection at the Snack/Gift Shop. We make sure we're always stocked with fun and educational science-themed toys for Fun Friday, and various drink and snack selections for during the week. Our selection even includes lunch and breakfast items, so you never have to worry about rushing back to SMLI if your child forgets their lunchbox.

Processing Fee:

To administer this awesome new process and cover the cost of the cards– we will be subtracting a one-time $1 fee from each camper's cash balance to cover the costs of administering this new system, but we guarantee it will feel be worth the peace of mind of having one last thing to remember this summer! The Camper Cash cards never expire so anytime your child comes to SMLI they will be able to use the card to purchase snacks or items from the gift shop. 

Setting up a Camper Cash Card:
Campers can purchase items at the snack bar throughout the week and from the gift shop on Fun Fridays. If your child does not have a ‘Camper Cash Card,’ they may still purchase snacks and gift shop items. All forms of payment are accepted.
Every time your child makes a purchase at camp with their camper cash card you will get a receipt via email. This is not an invoice but simply a way for you to keep track of what your child has purchased. Your child’s counselor will hold onto their card during the camp week. At the end of your child’s camp experience, cards will be sent home. Camper Cash will not be refunded but the cards never expire and can be used at any time. To find out more about our new camper cash system please visit the site above. We encourage everyone to use this new camper cash card system in lieu of bringing cash with you to the store.

Check Balance or reload existing Camper Cash Card:

You can check your camper cash balance, have purchase receipts emailed to you and reload the card when the balance runs low by clicking the button below. Customers can choose an amount to add to their gift card and then add their payment details and click Pay now and their campers' new balance will be immediately available.

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