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 We are incredibly grateful for the support we have received and look forward to using these funds to make a positive impact in our community. Thank you again for your generous contributions.

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation / Long Island Sound Futures Fund (2020)
Green Infrastructure at the Leeds Pond Preserve and Science Museum to Improve Water Quality in Long Island Sound (NY) (2020):: Award Amount$46,021.09 Match Amount: $49,000
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Nassau County Soil & Water Conservation District:
Science Museum of Long Island Leeds Pond Preserve Forest Restoration (2023) - $15,000
Community Chest of Port Washington
SMLI Scholarship Fund for residents of Port Washington (2023) - $14,740
Peter and Jeri Dejana Foundation
Sponsor for the 2023 Live at Five Outdoor Concert Series
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Greentree Foundation "Good Neighbor Fund"
Reforestation and Woodland Restoration of the Leeds Pond Preserve (2023) - $4,000
Manhasset Community Fund
Funding for upgrades to Air Conditioning Units and Registration Technology for Summer Camp (2023) - $3,000
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