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"We have an enormous capacity to effect positive change; little by little we can take back overrun wild places and turn them into thriving native ecosystems. 

The 36-Acre Leeds Pond Preserve provides SMLI students with a unique blend of environments for scientific study and curiosity. With its pond, marine edge, stream, woodlands and meadows, it offers a wide diversity of plant and animal life and serves as a springboard for the detailed investigation of local ecological habitats. This diverse ecological landscape that has been negatively impacted by a variety of invasive species that have outcompeted or overtaken native vegetation, in turn pushing out native species of wildlife including birds and mammals. 


Since 2019, SMLI has been focused on invasive species removal through physical site restoration (absent of any pesticides or herbicides) and designed specifically to ensure that these aggressive invasive species do not return or gain a foothold.  In an effort to mimic a young forest consisting of trees, shrubs and groundcover, reforestation will feature varied sizes of plants with ample spacing, allowing light penetration and promoting natural restoration through the existing seedbank in the soil.  


The restoration project will be used as part of our outdoor classroom learning experience, with children and adults being able to see the project from start to finish and be educated on the importance of native plants and how individuals can make an impact through invasive species removal.

Non-native highly invasive plants affect all the United States including the Leeds Pond Preserve. These introduced plants from Europe and Asia pose a threat to our native wildflower and plant populations due to competition for sunlight, space, water, and nutrients. These plants change the environment in such a way that our native plants and trees have difficulty surviving and reproducing. Native wildlife depends on native plant and tree populations. Help us keep Leeds Pond Preserve thriving for our future generations and donate today! 

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