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The boys and girls of summer

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Hey everyone, this will be the last blog post for the duration of summer as all of my attention and energy will be devoted to the students of summer camp. While it is one of the most stressful parts of working here at SMLI because of a variety of reasons like the heat and humidity, which almost nobody likes, it is also some of the most fun that the staff has... at least it is for me ;-)

Until then, if you don't have your kids here with us, go and do things with yours. Go to any of the Nassau County or New York State Parks and just explore someplace you've never been to! The good folks at REI Co-op have compiled a list of apps for your phone to help you find a good place to go for a hike. I know you're busy people, juggling all life's responsibilities but the time you take to go, do, and explore with your kids will create memories they'll remember for a long time. As a former child, I can attest to the previous statement.

I grant you that my parents and step-parents were teachers and had the summer to go and do things with me and my siblings during the 8-10 magical weeks of summer vacation. But if you find the time, take my word on this, the kids WILL remember all the good times.

Doctor's Cave Beach Jamaica, courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Now I know COVID-19 has probably prevented you from traveling to places like these two beaches but it doesn't have to be tropical or in another hemisphere but that spontaneous trip to the beach, followed by ice cream? Yeah, your kids will think that's "freaking awesome!" And with COVID restrictions being lifted across the state, this summer will be one that we all remember! But now that we're here in summer, many more millions of people have been fully vaccinated (HURRAY!), going places will be much easier than they were at this time a year ago. So go, do things!

New Brighton Beach, New Zealand courtesy Wikimedia Commons

So, until camp's over and the start of the new school year gets closer, you'll have to wait patiently for more posts. But until then, go make some memories, have fun, make your own fun, have a "yes" day with your kids... But go, do things! I'll be here doing the same, but also teaching STEM at the same time.



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