The Science Museum of Long Island offers great experiences for scout troops with programs designed to meet the Girl Scout Badge requirements.

*Please note that we do not provide patches or badges for programs completed, but do have SMLI patches for sale*

Choose from one of our 2 experiences:


1): 1.5 hour badge program (see below for options)

     Fee:  $185 up to 15 scouts; $13 per additional scout (max of 25) 

Available Program Times

Monday - Thursday:  4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Weekends:  10:00 am - 11:30 am, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm, 3:00pm - 4:30 pm

2) Sleepover at the Science Museum! Join us for an unforgettable overnight experience complete with a night hike, campfire, and morning beach walk. Earn your badge, too! 

      Fee:  $420 up to 15 scouts ($28 for each additional scout, 25 max)

      Indoor activity options will be available in case of inclement weather. Troops are responsible for bringing dinner,

      breakfast, s’more ingredients, sleeping bags, blankets, videos, DVDs and games.

                       Friday night                                                                                          Saturday morning

          5:30-6:00 pm- Troop arrives, settles in, and has dinner                     7:00-8:00 am- Breakfast and pack up belongings

          6:00-7:30 pm- Badge Program                                                             8:00-9:00 am- Beach Walk

          8:00-9:30 pm- Campfire and night hike                                              9:00am- Troop departs


Girl Scout Badge Options


  • 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals Journey

          Earn the Birdbath Award through live animal encounters with our amphibians, reptiles, and mammals.  Learn where the                    animals live, what they eat, and how to care for them.

  • Coding for Good 1: Coding Basics

           Computers follow sequences called ‘algorithms’, learn what they are and then make one yourself!

  • Math in Nature 1: Shapes in Nature

           Shapes are everywhere in nature. Look for them in the preserve and create art based on the shapes you find!

  • Math in Nature 2: Numbers in Nature

           Shadows can help you figure out how big something is. We’ll look for shadows before sorting natural objects and creating               our own units of measurement!

  • Math in Nature 3: Design with Nature

           How many and where? Survey the preserve as you look for animals and make a map of where you saw them.​

  • Space Science: Explorer

          Time to look up and wonder. Learn about the moon, sun, and stars in this badge!

  • Outdoor Art Maker

          Look in nature and you’ll see plenty of pretty colors, listen and you’ll hear the sounds. Then create art based on what you                  saw and heard.

  • Eco Learner

          Learn to help nature, keep living things safe and protect nature from trash in this enlightening badge about Mother                          Nature.

  • Daisy Trail: Adventure

           Head off into the woods, to the beach or by the pond… Time to pick an outdoor adventure, prepare and get out there!

  • Buddy Camper

          Prepare for a hike by making trail mix, learning knots, and about your surroundings, before heading out into the woods!


  • WOW!  Wonders of Water Journey

             Learn about water and why it is important.  Explore ways to keep water clean and take an incredible journey through the 

              water cycle. Then head down to our beach and discover the animals that make it their home.    

  • Home Scientist

          Experiment with science using household materials.  Create slime, learn about density, and explore exciting chemical


  • Hiker

          Get ready to set out on an outdoor adventure!  Learn about what supplies are important, prepare a snack, and journey

          through our 36-acre preserve.

  • Pets

          Get up close with our live animals and learn what they need to survive. Investigate different types of pets and their needs                  before helping us take care of some of the animals at SMLI! 

  • Bugs    

            Learn the difference between insects and spiders as you get up close to our live hissing cockroaches and tarantula.  Go on

            a bug hunt and set up a terrarium to keep a specimen you find!​

  • Brownie First Aid

           How can you help if a fellow scout is injured? Do you know when to call 911? All this and more awaits in this helpful badge!

  • Cabin Camper

           Let’s go camping! Learn about your location, what you’ll need, how you’re going to cook and how to use your camping                     essentials!

  • Coding for Good 1: Coding Basics

           Computer follow things called “algorithms”, discover what they are and how you can create them to help a computer do                 something. Learn about women in the computer science field too!

  • Math in Nature 1: Shapes in Nature

          Track natural objects, graph them and learn what a ‘tessellation’ is in this look at Math in Nature!

  • Mechanical Engineering: Fling Flyer

           Learn about forces affecting flight, then design and build a Fling Flyer!

  • Mechanical Engineering: Leap Bot

          Why does a spring, spring? How can you use one to create a robot? Time to build and test to find out why!

  • Outdoor Adventurer

           Playing outside, as a badge? Yes, it’s really possible, all while exploring Nature and learning a new camp skill!

  • Robotics 1: Designing Robots

          Robots imitate nature! Learn about their parts, plan and create a prototype robot!

  • Robotics 2: Programming Robots

          01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111. What do these numbers mean and how do computers use it to                              communicate? Learn about the robot brain and try your hand at programming!

  • Space Science Adventurer

          The stars look beautiful, don’t they? Learn about them, planets and our closest celestial neighbor, the moon, in this star-                    filled badge.


  • Detective

           A crime has been committed and we need the best scouts to help us solve it.  Learn to analyze a crime scene, collect

           evidence, and solve a mystery.

  • Animal Habitat

          Come meet out live animals and explore the world in which they live.  Learn how animals are being threatened in our

          changing environment and what can be done to help them.

  • Geocacher

           Discover the joys of geocaching in this program dedicated to GPS! Find our secret treasures hidden throughout the     

           preserve, and create an item to be discovered by future troops!

  • Camper

           Camping requires the right skills, proper equipment, and knowledge to stay safe.  Learn how to build a campfire, cook

           outdoors, and practice using a compass.

  • Eco Camper

          Leave no trace and learn how to do so. Plan a meal to leave minimal impact while cooking at a campsite, take a hike and                  have fun!

  • Flowers

           Flowers are nature’s fireworks! Learn how they help people and how to send a message in ‘flower code’.

  • Gardener

          Visit SMLI’s gardens and get your hands dirty! Learn how to pick the correct plant for your garden and your own seeds.

  • Junior First Aid

         What should you do in an emergency? And what goes in a first aid kit? Learn these essential skills and more in this helpful                 badge!

  • Mechanical Engineering: Balloon Car

          Explore potential versus kinetic energy before desiging and building a balloon-powered car!

  • Space Science Investigator

          Learn to model the solar system, find the constellations, and more in this celestial badge!


  • Night Owl

          Learn about the stars, planets, and constellations in our portable STARLAB planetarium.  Meet one of the museum's

          nocturnal animals and learn how they adapt to the dark.

  • Trees

           Discover the fascinating science of trees and how we are conneced to them, then make your own tree project to take home!

  • Space Science Researcher

          There’s light you can’t see when you look into space! Expand your vision and help conserve the night sky.

  • Cadette First Aid

          How can you care for younger children and use first aid? What shock is and how can we treat it? Learn how plus how to help            prevent weather-related injuries, and whether or not you should call 911.

  • Eco Trekker

          How can you make a minimal impact while on a trek? Plan your trek, practice eco skills and make a difference while on, and              after, your trek.

  • Cadette Trail Adventure

          What’s your outdoor adventure plan? Plan where and when, prep your gear and friends and get out there!

  • Trailblazing

          Where are you going? Get yourself and team ready, create your menu and learn some trailblazing know-how!

  • Primitive Camper

          Plan your camping trip, gear, and meal. Learn a camping skill and get out there and go camping!


  • Space Science Expert

          Learn what you're made of, how brilliant stars are, how you look back in time when you look into space and see the light the            darkness of space!