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  • Designed for Pre-K and Kindergarten students. 

  • All programs run approximately 60 minutes unless otherwise noted

  • Cost: $200 per group. Max 30 students per group. 

    • Please note: SMLI can run 1-3 groups simultaneously depending on program & staffing availability​


Animal Explorations

Explore the amazing world of mammals, reptiles and more by getting up close to some of our live animals. Discover what special adaptations they have that would help them survive in the wild!

Little Green Thumbs

Have you ever eaten a root? What part of a plant collects sunlight and water? Find out while you explore the different parts of a plant using all your senses, especially taste! Plant something to grow back at home!

Discovering Dinos

Could you be a Paleontologist? Explore the wonderful world of dinosaurs by examining real fossil remains. Visit our Paleontology Lab to see real excavation in action. Create a fossil imprint to take home.


Why do some things float and other sink? Find out as you experiment the principles of buoyancy through hands-on experimentation. Tet what you learned by constructing  boat of your own. 

Butterflies* - $225 PER GROUP

Discover the life cycle and anatomy of butterflies! Learn how they use their unusual senses to find food and pollinate flowers along the way. Take home your very own caterpillar to watch it metamorphosis in action! 

*Available April - June only

Insects & Spiders

Explore the creepy crawly world of insects and spiders. Find out why spiders aren't allowed in the bug club while observing live and preserved specimens. Create a buggy craft to take home.

Slime, Goo & Ooze 

Students will explore the exciting world of matter through the creation of slimey, gooey concoctions. Discover how slime is made using a liquid plastic, and create some slime to take home. 


Find out the big attraction as students discover the power within magnetic fields. Through hands-on exploration, we'll unravel the mystery behind the magic of magnets.  


Woodland Explorers

Explore Leeds Pond Preserve's woodland area to discover what plants and animals call it home. Learn to identify different species of trees by examining their leaves, and birds through their unique calls.

Maple Sugaring* 

In late winter, as the days get warmer and trees get ready for spring, the sap starts to flow. Learn the process of creating everyone's favorite pancake topping from tree to table.

*Available mid-February through mid-March

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