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Week 6: August 5th - August 9th


Do you love spending time outdoors? Then let Leeds Pond Preserve be your classroom as we venture out into the woods. Discover what types of plants and animals can be found along our trails, creature nature inspired art and more.

Experience the world of living and surviving in the outdoors. Find out what's most important when you're out in the wilderness, including building a shelter, identifying local plants, and more. Join us as cook up some sweet treats over a group campfire


How long can a person survive with water, food or shelter? What types of plants are safe to eat? Put your outdoor skills to the test as we tackle the outdoors. Learn how to make sure your water is safe to drink, how to use a compass like a pro and more.



  • January 15th: Member early access registration 

  • February 1st: Registration opens to general public (first come-first serve)

  • February 3rd: Camp Open House

  • March 15th: Early Bird Pricing Ends

  • May 1st: last day to receive refunds for cancelled weeks

  • June 1st: last da to receive credits for cancelled weeks

  • June 15th: Parent Camp Kick-off (pick up your car tags, camper cash cards & extra t-shirts!)

    • Shirts must be ordered by May 15th. All extra shirts ordered after May 15th will be given to campers on their first day of camp.

Medical Forms:

  • June 1st: campers attending weeks 1-4

  • July 1st: campers attending weeks 5-8

  • *Please email forms to 


  • General: $550 per week

    • After 7/1: $575 per week

  • Available Discounts:

    • Early Bird (ends 3/15): $25 off per week

    • Member Discount: 10% off per week

    • Multi-Week:

      • 4 weeks or more: $10 off per week

      • 8 weeks or more: $15 off per week


  • Extended Hours: 

    • Single: $10 (AM or PM)​

    • Full Week AM or PM: $50 

    • Full Week AM & PM: $75

  • Additional SMLI T-Shirts:

    • Families that order their extra t-shirts before May 15th can pick them up at our Camp Kick Off on June 15th. All other shirt orders will be delivered on your child's first day of camp

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