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The Science Museum of Long Island is a not-for-profit science activity center located on the Leeds Pond Preserve in Nassau County. The Science Museum offers enrichment workshops for children on weekdays and during school vacations. We invite teachers and community leaders to learn about our field trips, as well as programs we can bring to your site.

All activities at the Science Museum are scheduled, pre-registered science workshops. We do not have any exhibits at the moment.


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Happening Now

Travel to Cuba With the Science Museum of Long Island


 On the same day the flag was raised at the Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C., The Science Museum of Long Island, in conjunction with Cuba Educational Travel, announced its plan to organize a guided tour of Cuba from February 14-21, 2016.  The trip, one of many SMLI has planned in the past through the Museum’s P.U.L.S.E. (People Understanding and Learning Through Science Exploration) program, will provide participants with a unique opportunity to meet with specialists in various scientific disciplines as well as to experience Cuban culture first hand

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"The classes are amazing and the staff is truly caring and dedicated to enrich the young minds of tomorrow (or today)"

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